PHP SDK for SnapThis screenshot service

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SnapThis is a screenshot service that will convert an URL or HTML payload into a PNG image or PDF file.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require stechstudio/snapthis

Store your API key in the .env file:

SNAPTHIS_API_KEY=[your api key]


Take a snapshot by using the snapshot or pdf methods. Return this result from a controller method to redirect to the snapshot:

use SnapThis;

// Will take a PNG image snapshot and redirect the user:
return SnapThis::snapshot('');

Or add the download method to force the snapshot to download for your user.

return SnapThis::pdf('')->download();

To get the raw binary contents use the contents method:

$contents = SnapThis::pdf('')->contents();

You can pass in an HTML string instead of a URL:

SnapThis::pdf("<strong>Hello there</strong>");

You can also pass in a blade view, then simply chain the snapshot or pdf methods.

$users = User::all();

return SnapThis::view('reports.users', ['users' => $users])->pdf();


There are quite a few options for customizing the snapshot. Documentation coming!


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.