Provide additional route context that gets treated as normal route parameters

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This is a super small package that enables you to provide additional context to your routes. Any context variables you specify will be treated as route parameters.


You know the drill...

composer require stechstudio/laravel-route-context


The idea is that sometimes you want to reuse a controller method or Livewire fullpage component, while providing additional context at the routing layer.

Imagine you need to list support tickets, and you have a controller and view that handles this. You have multiple endpoints where tickets might be displayed in a slightly different manner.

With this package you can specify additional context right alongside your routes like this:

Route::get('tickets', [TicketController::class, 'index']);
Route::get('tickets/archived', [TicketController::class, 'index'])->with([
    'archived' => true
Route::get('tickets/mine', [TicketController::class, 'index'])->with([
    'user' => fn() => auth()->user()
Route::get('tickets/{user}', [TicketController::class, 'index']);

Now in your TicketController you can inject your context variables, just as if they had been route parameters:

public function index(User $user, $archived = false) {
    $tickets = Tickets::query()
        ->when($user->exists, fn($q) => $q->where('user_id', $user->id))
        ->when(!$archived, fn($q) => $q->whereNull('archived_at'))

Notice that context values can be callbacks, if you need it evaluated after your app has bootstrapped, session is started, auth is available, etc.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.