Stampie is a simple API Wrapper for different email providers such as Postmark, SendGrid, Mailgun, Mandrill.

v1.1.0 2021-09-08 10:47 UTC



Stampie is a simple API Wrapper for different email providers such as Postmark and SendGrid.

It is very easy to use and to integrate into your application as demonstrated below with a SendGrid mailer.



// composer autoloading.
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

class Message extends \Stampie\Message
	public function getFrom() { return 'alias@domain.tld'; }
	public function getSubject() { return 'You are trying out Stampie'; }
	public function getText() { return 'So what do you think about it?'; }

$adapter = new Http\Adapter\Guzzle6\Client();
$mailer = new Stampie\Mailer\SendGrid($adapter, 'username:password');

// Throws an HttpException for error
// messages not recognized by SendGrid api or ApiException for known errors.
$mailer->send(new Message('reciever@domain.tld'));

This simple example shows a few different things about how Stampie works under the hood and is developed. Because others are so much better than us to do HTTP communication, Stampie uses the PSR-18 abstraction so you are free to choose between any library like Buzz or Guzzle. See the full list here:

Every mailer takes a $serverToken as the second argument in their constructor. This is what is used for authentication. In the Postmark mailer this is a hash but in SendGrid it is a username:password pattern that is split into two pieces and send as arguments. A mailer is responsible for formatting the request needed for a given API.

A Message or MessageInterface is a simple storage class that holds information about the message sent to an API such as the email address this is from and who should receive it together with html and text bodies.

Last there is an interface for every type of class or abstract implementation that should be used when adding new Mailer's or Adapter's.


Stampie is not hard coupled to Guzzle or any other library that sends HTTP messages. It uses an abstraction called PSR-18. This will give you the flexibility to choose what PSR-7 implementation and HTTP client to use.

If you just want to get started quickly you should run the following command:

composer require stampie/stampie php-http/curl-client nyholm/psr7

Why requiring so many packages?

Stampie has a dependency on the virtual package psr/http-client-implementation which requires to you install an adapter, but we do not care which one. That is an implementation detail in your application. We also need a PSR-17 implementation.

You do not have to use the php-http/curl-client if you do not want to. You may use the php-http/guzzle6-adapter or any other library in this list.


There is generated API documentation for all tags and released versions. Those can be found at


  • Stampie Extra provides extensions to Stampie using the Symfony EventDispatcher component.

Framework integration

Stampie is itself completely decoupled and does not depend on any framework.



Stampie is Continuous Integration tested with GitHub Actions and aims for a high coverage percentage.


As mentioned above if integrating new mailers or adapters please rely on the interfaces or abstract classes already in this package. Furthermore unit tests should be provided as well.


This is a project created to test TDD along the way and maybe have some scars from that. But you are always welcome to send feedback or GitHub, Twitter, GitHub issue or Pull Request. Same goes if something is wrong or you have ideas for a better or smarter implementation.