Laravel Queue Driver for Microsoft Azure Storage Queue

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PHP Laravel Queue Driver package to support Microsoft Azure Storage Queues


  • Laravel 5.2 - 8.x (not tested on previous versions)
  • PHP 5.6+ for Laravel 5.2+
  • PHP 7+ for Laravel 5.5+
  • PHP 7.1+ for Laravel 5.6+
  • PHP 7.2+ for Laravel 6+
  • PHP 7.3+ for Laravel 8+
  • PHP 8.0+ for Laravel 9+
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Account and Storage Account Key
  • Queue container created through Azure Portal or via Azure CLI or PowerShell


Install using composer

You can find this library on Packagist.

Require this package in your composer.json. The version numbers will follow Laravel.

Laravel 9.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "^9.0"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:^9.0

Laravel 8.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "^8.0"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:^8.0

Laravel 7.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "^7.0"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:^7.0

Laravel 6.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "^6.0"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:^6.0

Laravel 5.8.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.8.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.8.*

Laravel 5.7.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.7.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.7.*

Laravel 5.6.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.6.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.6.*

Laravel 5.5.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.5.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.5.*

Laravel 5.4.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.4.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.4.*

Laravel 5.3.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.3.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.3.*

Laravel 5.2.x

"squigg/azure-queue-laravel": "5.2.*"
composer require squigg/azure-queue-laravel:5.2.* 
For versions 5.3 and older only

Add the following pear repository in your composer.json file required for the Microsoft Azure SDK (v5.4+ uses the microsoft/azure-storage package instead, and v5.6+ uses microsoft/azure-storage-queue):

"repositories": [
        "type": "pear",
        "url": "http://pear.php.net"

Update Composer dependencies

composer update


Add Provider

If you are not using Laravel auto package discovery, add the ServiceProvider to your providers array in config/app.php:


For Lumen (5.x) you will need to add the provider to bootstrap/app.php:


Add Azure queue configuration

Add the following to the connections array in config/queue.php, and fill out your own connection data from the Azure Management portal:

'azure' => [
    'driver'        => 'azure',                             // Leave this as-is
    'protocol'      => 'https',                             // https or http
    'accountname'   => env('AZURE_QUEUE_STORAGE_NAME'),     // Azure storage account name
    'key'           => env('AZURE_QUEUE_KEY'),              // Access key for storage account
    'queue'         => env('AZURE_QUEUE_NAME'),             // Queue container name
    'timeout'       => 60,                                  // Seconds before a job is released back to the queue
    'endpoint'      => env('AZURE_QUEUE_ENDPOINTSUFFIX'),   // Optional endpoint suffix if different from core.windows.net
    'queue_endpoint'=> env('AZURE_QUEUE_ENDPOINT'),         // Optional endpoint for custom addresses like http://localhost/my_storage_name

Add environment variables into your .env file to set the above configuration parameters:


Set the default Laravel queue

Update the default queue used by Laravel by setting the QUEUE_CONNECTION value in your .env file to azure.


This setting is QUEUE_DRIVER in older versions of Laravel.


Use the normal Laravel Queue functionality as per the documentation.

Remember to update the default queue by setting the QUEUE_DRIVER value in your .env file to azure.


2022-03-17 - V9.0 - Support for Laravel 9.x

2021-10-16 - V8.1 - Support for PHP 8

2020-09-19 - V8.0 - Support for Laravel 8.x (composer dependency and test refactoring only)

2020-06-04 - V7.0 - Support for Laravel 7.x (composer dependency and test refactoring only)

2020-06-04 - V6.0 - Support for Laravel 6.x (composer dependency changes only)

2019-07-13 - V5.8 - Support for Laravel 5.8 (composer dependency and test changes only)

2019-07-13 - V5.7.1 - Fix invalid signature on call to base Laravel Queue method

2018-09-04 - V5.7 - Support for Laravel 5.7 (composer dependency changes only)

2018-02-07 - V5.6 - Switch to GA version of Microsoft Azure Storage PHP API. Support Laravel 5.6 (composer.json changes only). Update dev dependencies to latest versions.

2017-09-11 - V5.5 - Support Laravel 5.5 and PHP7+ only. Update Azure Storage API to 0.18

2017-09-11 - V5.4 - Update Azure Storage API to 0.15 (no breaking changes)


Released under the MIT License. Based on Alex Bouma's Laravel 4 package, updated for Laravel 5.