AppKernel module

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Provides SyncAPI and AsyncAPI schema files and the needed code to make the Mini-Framework an App.


composer require spryker/app-kernel


App Identifier


use Spryker\Shared\AppKernel\AppConstants;

$config[AppConstants::APP_IDENTIFIER] = getenv('APP_IDENTIFIER') ?: 'hello-world';

Testing the AppKernel

You can test the AppKernel as usual with Codeception. Before that you need to run some commands:

tests/bin/console app-kernel:setup
tests/bin/console transfer:generate
tests/bin/console transfer:databuilder:generate
tests/bin/console propel:install
tests/bin/console dev:ide-auto-completion:zed:generate
tests/bin/console dev:ide-auto-completion:glue:generate
tests/bin/console dev:ide-auto-completion:glue-backend:generate

With these commands you've set up the AppKernel and can start the tests

vendor/bin/codecept build
vendor/bin/codecept run