CBOR Encoder/Decoder Bundle for Symfony.

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This bundle wraps the spomky-labs/cbor-php library and provides the decoder as a service This will help you to eausily decode CBOR streams (Concise Binary Object Representation from RFC7049).


Install the bundle with Composer: composer require spomky-labs/cbor-budle.

This project follows the semantic versioning strictly.


Object Creation

For object creation, please refer to the documentation of the library.

Object Loading

If you want to load a CBOR encoded data, you just have to use de decoder available from the container.


use CBOR\Decoder;
use CBOR\StringStream;

// CBOR object (in hex for the example)
$data = hex2bin('fb3fd5555555555555');

// String Stream
$stream = new StringStream($data);

// Load the data
$object = $container->get(Decoder::class)->decode($stream); // Return a CBOR\OtherObject\DoublePrecisionFloatObject class with normalized value ~0.3333 (=1/3)

Custom Tags / Other Objects


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Please report all issues in the main repository.

Please make sure to follow these best practices.

Security Issues

If you discover a security vulnerability within the project, please don't use the bug tracker and don't publish it publicly. Instead, all security issues must be sent to security [at] spomky-labs.com.


This project is release under MIT licence.