Advanced Tasking Bundle for Symfony Applications (100% PHP)

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Advanced Tasking Manager for Symfony. 100% Php with high concurrency management.

Key features

  • Background tasking: create jobs to be run by workers (Symfony commands)
  • 100% PHP, works on any Linux Server with PHP7.2+
  • High concurrency management: use jobs token to ensure task is executed by a single process.
  • Multi-server compatible: tokens are stored in a central SQL Table.
  • Optimized memory footprint: create a dedicated Symfony environnement to reduce memory impacts.

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Step 1 - Requirements and Installing the bundle

The first step is to tell composer that you want to download Tasking-Bundle which can be achieved by typing the following at the command prompt:

composer require splash/tasking-bundle

Step 2 - Enable the bundle in your kernel

The bundle must be added to your AppKernel.

**Step usually not necessary in Symfony Flex.

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        // ...
        new Splash\Tasking\SplashTaskingBundle(),
        // ...

Create Your First Job

Background jobs must extend Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractJob.

use Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractJob;

class MyJob extends AbstractJob
    /** @return bool */
    public function execute() : bool
        // Execute your background operations
        // ...
        return true;

Job Token may be defined multiple way:

use Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractJob;

class MyJob extends AbstractJob
    /** You can set it directly by overriding this constant */
    protected $token = "";

     * Or by writing an array of parameters to setToken()
     * @param array $parameters 
     * @return self
    public function setup(array $parameters): self
        // Setup Job Token

        return $this;

Available Job Types

There are few predefined abstract job types, for different kinds of tasks:

  • Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractJob: a single simple task, executed once by job class.
  • Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractServiceJob: execute a Symfony service action with given parameters
  • Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractStaticJob: a simple task, executed & repeated every XX minutes.
  • Splash\Tasking\Model\AbstractBatch: step-by-step, execute multiple tasks inside a single job.

Symfony Commands

The bundle comes with management commands to pilot workers from command line.

tasking:check       Tasking Service : Check Supervisor Process is Running on Current Machines
tasking:start       Tasking Service : Start All Supervisors & Workers Process on All Machines
tasking:status      Tasking Service : Check Status of Tasking Services
tasking:stop        Tasking Service : Stop All Supervisors & Workers Process on All Machines
tasking:supervisor  Run a Supervisor Worker Process 
tasking:worker      Run a Tasking Worker Process 

Note: Tasking processes & supervisor are activated & checked each time a new task is added to queue

Configuration reference

Bundle configuration are stored under splash_tasking:

    entity_manager: default     // Name of Doctrine Entity Manager to use for Tasks & Token Storage
    environement: prod          // Symfony Environnement to use for workers
    refresh_delay: 3            // Delay for workers status refresh
    watchdog_delay: 30          // Watchdog delay for tasks execution
    multiserver: false          // Enable multiserver mode
    multiserver_path: ''        // Url for remote servers checks 
        force_crontab: false    // Use crontab to ensure supervisor is running (Useless if you uses 3+ workers)
        php_version: php        // Bash comamnd for php
        max_age: 3600           // Time to live of supervisor process, if reached, process will die
        refresh_delay: 500      // Delay between two worker refresh  
        max_workers: 3          // Number of worker to use
        max_memory: 100         // Max. Memory, if reached, process will die
        max_tasks: 100          // Max. number of jobs to execute, if reached, process will die
        max_age: 120            // Time to live of a worker process, if reached, process will die
        max_memory: 200         // Max. Memory, if reached, process will die
        max_age: 180            // Time to live of a finished task in database
        try_count: 5            // Number of failed attemps for a task
        try_delay: 120          // Delay before retry of a failed task
    static:                     // Key => Class values for Static Jobs
        myStaticJob: AppBundle\Jobs\MyStaticJob          

Docker Dev Environnement

A Docker Compose file is available to run a development server. You can start it typing the following at the command prompt:

docker-compose up -d

Testing & Code Quality

This bundle uses Phpunit for functional testing.

docker-compose exec app php vendor/bin/phpunit 

This bundle uses Grumphp for all code quality checks (PHPMD, PhpCsFixer, PhpStan, and more...).

docker-compose exec app php vendor/bin/grumphp run 


This package is available under the MIT license.