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Actions are a way of structuring your business logic in Laravel. This package adds easy support to make them queueable.


You can specify a queue name.



You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-queueable-action


If you want to know about the reasoning behind actions and their asynchronous usage, you should read the dedicated blog post:

You can use the following Artisan command to generate queueable and synchronous action classes on the fly.

php artisan make:action MyAction [--sync]

Here's an example of queueable actions in use:

class MyAction
    use QueueableAction;

    public function __construct(
        OtherAction $otherAction,
        ServiceFromTheContainer $service
    ) {
        // Constructor arguments can come from the container.
        $this->otherAction = $otherAction;
        $this->service = $service;

    public function execute(
        MyModel $model,
        RequestData $requestData
    ) {
        // The business logic goes here, this can be executed in an async job.
class MyController
    public function store(
        MyRequest $request,
        MyModel $model,
        MyAction $action
    ) {
        $requestData = RequestData::fromRequest($myRequest);
        // Execute the action on the queue:
        $action->onQueue()->execute($model, $requestData);
        // Or right now:
        $action->execute($model, $requestData);

Chaining actions

You can chain actions by wrapping them in the ActionJob.

Here's an example of two actions with the same arguments:

use Spatie\QueueableAction\ActionJob;

$args = [$userId, $data];

        new ActionJob(AnotherAction::class, $args),

The ActionJob takes the action class or instance as the first argument followed by an array of the action's own arguments.

Custom Tags

If you want to change what tags show up in Horizon for your custom actions you can override the tags() function.

class CustomTagsAction
    use QueueableAction;

    // ...

    public function tags() {
        return ['action', 'custom_tags'];

What is the difference between actions and jobs?

In short: constructor injection allows for much more flexibility. You can read an in-depth explanation here:


composer test


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