Send interactive Slack notifications in Laravel apps

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This package allows you to send interactive Slack notifications. Here's how such a notification could look like


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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/interactive-slack-notification-channel


In your Notifiable classes you should add a method named routeNotificationForInteractiveSlack that returns an array with the API token, an optionally the channel name

public function routeNotificationForInteractiveSlack()
    return [
        'token' => 'xoxp-slack-token',
        'channel' => '#general' // this is optional

Replying to message threads

Let's assume you want your application to send a Slack notification when an order gets placed. You also want any subsequent messages about the order be place in the same thread.

Using the SlackApi channels you can retrieve the API response from Slack's chat.postMessage method. With this response you could post messages on other events that happen on the order, such as order paid, shipped, closed, etc.

Here's an example:

use Spatie\InteractiveSlackNotificationChannel\Messages\SlackMessage

public function toInteractiveSlack($notifiable)
    return (new SlackMessage)->content('A new order has been placed');

public function interactiveSlackResponse(array $response)
    $this->order->update(['slack_thread_ts' => $response['ts']]);

In your order paid event you can have

use Spatie\InteractiveSlackNotificationChannel\Messages\SlackMessage;
use Spatie\InteractiveSlackNotificationChannel\Messages\SlackAttachment;

public function toInteractiveSlack($notifiable)
    $order = $this->order;

    return (new SlackMessage)
        ->content('Order paid')
        ->attachment(function(SlackAttachment $attachment) use ($order) {
                ->title("Order $order->reference has been paid for.")
                ->content('Should now be processed.')
                ->action('View Order', route('orders', $order->reference));


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