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Ray is a wonderful desktop application that can help you debug applications faster. It can beautifully show you all debugging information, can pause your code, measure performance and a whole lot more.

To send debugging information to Ray, you can use the ray() function.

By installing spatie/global-ray, you can use ray() and all framework agnostic Ray functions in any PHP app or script on your system.

If you installed a specific Ray package, such as spatie/laravel-ray in your project already, then ray() will execute that specific version, so you can use still use framework specific things such as ray()->showQueries() to show all executed queries.

❤️ As a bonus the popular dd and dump functions will be made available globally too.

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You can install the global Ray via composer:

composer global require spatie/global-ray
global-ray install

When running global-ray install, we'll add a line in your php.ini to automatically load the functions provided by this package.


You can use ray() and all Ray's framework agnostic functions in any PHP file.

The rd(), dump() and dd() will also be available in any PHP project or script.

Using framework specific functionality

To use framework specific functionality, such as viewing queries in Laravel, or displaying mails in WordPress, you should still install the relevant package or library.

If a framework specific package is detected, it will be used instead of the global Ray.

How to uninstall

To uninstall you must first issue this command:

global-ray uninstall

This will remove the line in php.ini that automatically loads ray() and related functions.

After that, you can uninstall the package itself using

composer global remove spatie/global-ray


If suddenly all of PHP scripts terminate very early with a strange error after upgrading PHP or switching to another version, then global ray might be the culprit.

As mentioned before, during install we slightly modify your php.ini. To manually uninstall global ray, remove the script named global-ray-loader.php in the auto_prepend_file directive in php.ini.

You find the location of your php.ini by executing this command:

php --ini


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