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A block renderer for league/commonmark to highlight code blocks using scrivo/highlight.php.

highlight.php is a server side code highlighter written in PHP that currently supports 185 languages. It's a port of highlight.js by Ivan Sagalaev that makes full use of the language and style definitions of the original JavaScript project.

The output html is compatible with highlight.js themes, which you can explore on

What are the benefits of using this package over highlight.js?

  • Less JavaScript, which means faster page loads
  • No more flash of unstyled code blocks

This project was inspired by sixlive/parsedown-highlight.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/commonmark-highlighter


Create a custom CommonMark environment, and register the FencedCodeRenderer and IndentedCodeRender as described in the league/commonmark documentation.

use League\CommonMark\Block\Element\FencedCode;
use League\CommonMark\Block\Element\IndentedCode;
use League\CommonMark\CommonMarkConverter;
use League\CommonMark\Environment;
use Spatie\CommonMarkHighlighter\FencedCodeRenderer;
use Spatie\CommonMarkHighlighter\IndentedCodeRenderer;

$environment = Environment::createCommonMarkEnvironment();
$environment->addBlockRenderer(FencedCode::class, new FencedCodeRenderer());
$environment->addBlockRenderer(IndentedCode::class, new IndentedCodeRenderer());

$commonMarkConverter = new CommonMarkConverter([], $environment);

echo $commonMarkConverter->convertToHtml($markdown);

The underlying highlight library recommends specifying a subset of languages for the auto-detection. You can pass an array of languages to any of the renderers.

new FencedCodeRenderer(['html', 'php', 'js']);

new IndentedCodeCodeRenderer(['html', 'php', 'js']);

Highlighting specific lines

Line numbers start at 1.

```php - Don't highlight any lines
```php{4} - Highlight just line 4
```php{4-6} - Highlight the range of lines from 4 to 6 (inclusive)
```php{1,5} - Highlight just lines 1 and 5 on their own
```php{1-3,5} - Highlight 1 through 3 and then 5 on its own
```php{5,7,2-3} - The order of lines don't matter
However, specifying 3-2 will not work.


composer test


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