Generate outline images of your code

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Create a visual representation of your code

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You're reading code on a daily basis, code should be optimised for that. This tool helps you visualise how the code in your project looks, and might be a trigger to better structure your files.

More information about the visual perception of code here:

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spatie/browsershot is required to generate images. Please refer to the Browsershot documentation for all details, most important is to install puppeteer.

npm install puppeteer --global

You can install the package via composer:

composer global require spatie/code-outliner


code-outliner <file> [--output=] [--extensions=]

Outlining a single file

Pass a single file to the command, and you'll get output like this.

Outline of a single file

Overlaying multiple files

Pass a directory path to the command, and it'll overlay all files on top of each other. The darker areas represent areas where there's more code across all files.

Outline of multiple files

Filtering extensions

By default, PHP files will be scanned. You're able to specify other and multiple extensions with the --extensions option.

code-outliner --extensions="html,twig"


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.