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Convert PHP 7 code to PHP 5 code

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This package has been abandoned

We are not maintaining this package any more. Feel free to fork our code and maintain your own copy.

Convert PHP 7.0 code to PHP 5 code

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This package can convert PHP 7.0 code to PHP 5. This can be handy when you are running PHP 7 in development, but PHP 5 in production.

You can convert an entire directory with PHP 7.0 code with a the console command:

php7to5 convert {$directoryWithPHP7Code} {$destinationWithPHP5Code}

Here's an example of what it can do. It'll convert this code with PHP 7 features:

class Test
    public function test()
        $class = new class() {
            public function method(string $parameter = '') : string {
                return $parameter ?? 'no parameter set';

        $anotherClass = new class() {
            public function anotherMethod(int $integer) : int {
                return $integer > 3;

to this equivalent PHP 5 code:

class AnonymousClass0
    public function method($parameter = '')
        return isset($parameter) ? $parameter : 'no parameter set';
class AnonymousClass1
    public function anotherMethod($integer)
        return $integer < 3 ? -1 : ($integer == 3 ? 0 : 1);
class Test
    public function test()
        $class = new AnonymousClass0();
        $anotherClass = new AnonymousClass1();

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If you plan on use the console command we recommend installing the package globally:

$ composer global require spatie/7to5

If you want to integrate the package in your own code require the package like usual:

$ composer require spatie/7to5

The conversion process

This package converts PHP 7 code to equivalent PHP 5 code by:

  • removing scalar type hints
  • removing return type hints
  • removing the strict type declaration
  • replacing the spaceship operator by an equivalent PHP 5 code
  • replacing null coalesce statements by equivalent PHP 5 code
  • replacing group use declarations by equivalent PHP 5 code
  • replacing defined arrays by equivalent PHP 5 code
  • converting anonymous classes to regular classes

Because there are a lot of things that cannot be detected and/or converted properly we do not guarantee that the converted code will work. We highly recommend running your automated tests against the converted code to determine if it works.

Using the console command

This package provides a console command php7to5 to convert files and directories.

This is how a entire directory can be converted:

$ php7to5 convert {$directoryWithPHP7Code} {$destinationWithPHP5Code}

Want to convert a single file? That's cool too! You can use the same command.

$ php7to5 convert {$sourceFileWithPHP7Code} {$destinationFileWithPHP5Code}

By default the command will only copy over php-files. Want to copy over all files? Use the copy-all option:

$ php7to5 convert {$directoryWithPHP7Code} {$destinationWithPHP5Code} --copy-all

By default the command will only convert files with a php extension, but you can customize that by using the --extension option.

$ php7to5 convert {$directoryWithPHP7Code} {$destinationWithPHP5Code} --extension=php --extension=phtml

If necessary, you can exclude directories / files.

$ php7to5 convert {$directoryWithPHP7Code} {$destinationWithPHP5Code} --exсlude=cache

Programmatically convert files

You can convert a single file by running this code:

$converter = new Converter($pathToPhp7Code);


An entire directory can be converted as well:

$converter = new DirectoryConverter($sourceDirectory);


By default this will recursively copy all to files to the destination directory, even the non php files.

If you only want to copy over the php files do this:

$converter = new DirectoryConverter($sourceDirectory);



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$ composer test


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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


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Original idea: Jens Segers

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