Adds support for adding SparkPost options via the X-MSYS-API header, even when using the API implementation

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This package adds support for adding SparkPost messaging options. Even though Laravel allows to set global options, this package adds the functionality for per-message options via the X-MSYS-API header, even when using the integrated "send via API" implementation.

SparkPost Options documentation:


Via Composer

$ composer require spaceemotion/laravel-sparkpost-options

5.4 and below: Add the ServiceProvider to your app.php:



You can either attach the mail header directly:

$mailable->withSwiftMessage(function ($message) use ($options) {
    $message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader(SparkPostConfigProvider::CONFIG_HEADER, json_encode([
        // Your options here...

or via the integrated attach method:

ConfigurableTransport::attach($mailable, [
    // Your options here...


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.