REST API for your TYPO3 project. Config with annotations, build in filtering, pagination, typolinks, image processing, serialization contexts, responses in Hydra/JSON-LD format.

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2.0.2 2023-05-30 13:36 UTC

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  • Support for Extbase models with GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE operations.
  • Configuration with classes, properties and methods annotations.
  • Build-in filters: boolean, numeric, order, range and text (partial, match against and exact strategies).
  • Build-in pagination.
  • Support for typolinks.
  • Support for image processing.
  • Support for file uploads (FAL).
  • Configurable routing.
  • Responses in Hydra /JSON-LD format.
  • Serialization contexts - customizable output depending on routing.
  • Easy customizable serialization handlers and subscribers.
  • Backend module with Swagger for documentation and real testing.


Read the docs at

Example integration

To check some real code see t3apinews - an example integration of t3api for well known news extension.


If you use ddev then in less than 5min you can have working demo of ext:t3api on you local computer. Try