Content Management System that consumes Columnis API and assigns the data to a template engine.

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Columnis Express


Columnis Express is the new version of Columnis CMS. It is a simple ZF2 application that consumes Columnis API, assigns the data to the selected template engine and renders the request page.


Using Composer (recommended)

The recommended way to get a working copy of this project is to clone the repository and use composer to install dependencies using the create-project command:

curl -s | php --
php composer.phar create-project solcre/columnis-express path/to/install

Alternately, clone the repository and manually invoke composer using the shipped composer.phar:

cd my/project/dir
git clone git://
cd columnis-express
php composer.phar self-update
php composer.phar install

(The self-update directive is to ensure you have an up-to-date composer.phar available.)

Another alternative for downloading the project is to grab it via curl, and then pass it to tar:

cd my/project/dir
curl -#L | tar xz --strip-components=1

You would then invoke composer to install dependencies per the previous example.

Using Git submodules

Alternatively, you can install using native git submodules:

git clone git:// --recursive



PHP 5.4+ cURL

Libraries Used

Zend Framework 2

Guzzle 5 -> Used to consume the Columnis API

AssetsManager + Assetic + filters -> Used to manage and minify stylesheets and scripts

Smarty -> Used as template engine.

Apigility -> Used to retrieve templates and invalidate cache.


1- Edit config/autoload/local.php.dist and save as local.php 2- Create public folder based on public.dist folder