Content Management System that consumes Columnis API and assigns the data to a template engine.

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Columnis Express


Columnis Express is the new version of Columnis CMS. It is a simple ZF2 application that consumes Columnis API, assigns the data to the selected template engine and renders the request page.


  • To run columnis-express on your computer you must have doker installed and running.

  • Clone repository and run docker

$ git clone
$ cd columnis-express
$ docker-compose up -d

run container done

If the console gives you the following, we are on the right track don't worry about the warning

  • Rename local.php.dist to local.php
$ cd config/autoload
$ mv local.php.dist local.php
  • Inside local.php change the client-number local php

  • Inside the docker terminal

php composer.phar install
  • Open localhost:8080 in your browser and if you get something like this (img), everything is ok 404 columnis

  • Inside public_html paste all your project dir (templates, assets, css, etc) like this: 404 columnis

    Note: for all this to work the .htacces, 404.html, index.php and php.ini files must be inside public_html and must never be modified, deleted or anything like that.

  • Right now you can go back to localhost:8080 and you should see your web site 🥳🍾


PHP 5.4+ cURL

Libraries Used

Zend Framework 2

Guzzle 5 -> Used to consume the Columnis API

AssetsManager + Assetic + filters -> Used to manage and minify stylesheets and scripts

Smarty -> Used as template engine.

Apigility -> Used to retrieve templates and invalidate cache.