Flexible Searchable, Mappable, Metable, Validation and more extensions for Laravel Eloquent ORM.

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Easy and flexible extensions for the Eloquent ORM.

Currently available extensions:

  1. Searchable query - crazy-simple fulltext search through any related model
  2. Validable - self-validating models
  3. Mappable -map attributes to table fields and/or related models
  4. Metable - meta attributes made easy
  5. Mutable - flexible attribute get/set mutators with quick setup
  6. Mutator - pipe-based mutating

By installing this package you get aforementioned extensions. Alternatively you can pull just single extension:

# get all extensions
composer require sofa/eloquence 

# get single extension, eg. Metable
composer require sofa/eloquence-metable

Check the documentation for installation and usage info, website for examples and API reference


Shout out to all the Contributors!

All contributions are welcome, PRs must be tested and PSR-2 compliant - refer to particular extension repository.