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Zend Framework 2 module that integrates with Active MQ queuing system

v0.1.0 2015-05-31 15:30 UTC

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Created by Jurian Sluiman



First, install SlmQueue (instructions here). Then, add the following line into your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "slm/queue-amq": "0.4.*"

Then, enable the module by adding SlmQueueAmq in your application.config.php file. You may also want to configure the module: just copy the slm_queue_amq.local.php.dist (you can find this file in the config folder of SlmQueueAmq) into your config/autoload folder, and override what you want.


Before reading SlmQueueAmq documentation, please read SlmQueue documentation.

(Don't forget to first install Active MQ, and to run the daemon program on the server)

Setting the connection parameters

Copy the slm_queue_amq.local.php.dist file to your config/autoload folder, and follow the instructions.

Adding queues

A concrete class that implements the SlmQueue interface for Active MQ is included as SlmQueueAmq\Queue\AmqQueue and a factory is available to create the queue. Therefore, if you want to have a queue called "email", just add the following line in your module.config.php file:

return array(
    'slm_queue' => array(
        'queue_manager' => array(
            'factories' => array(
                'email' => 'SlmQueueAmq\Factory\AmqQueueFactory'

This queue can therefore be pulled from the QueuePluginManager class.

Operations on queues


Valid options are all constants on the SlmQueueAmq\Queue\AmqQueueInterface interface:

  • AmqQueueInterface::DELAY: the delay in milliseconds before a job become available to be popped (defaults to no delay)
  • AmqQueueInterface::PERIOD: in milliseconds, how much time a job can be running for before it's put back into the queue
  • AmqQueueInterface::REPEAT: the number of times the job should be repeatedly available (defaults to 1, no repeating jobs)
  • AmqQueueInterface::CRON: a CRON string to schedule the job via cron
  • AmqQueueInterface::PERSIST: set to true to send a persistent message


use SlmQueueAmq\Queue\AmqQueueInterface as Amq;

$queue->push($job, array(
    Amq::CRON     => '0 * * * *',
    Amq::DELAY    => 1000,
    Amq::PERIOD   => 1000,
    Amq::REPEAT   => 9

The above code will deliver the job 10 times, with a one second delay between each job, and this will happen every hour. See more explaination about the options in the Active MQ manual.


Valid option is:

  • timeout: by default, when we ask for a job, it will block until a job is found (possibly forever if new jobs never come). If you set a timeout (in seconds), it will return after the timeout is expired, even if no jobs were found

Executing jobs

SlmQueueAmq provides a command-line tool that can be used to pop and execute jobs. You can type the following command within the public folder of your Zend Framework 2 application:

php index.php queue amq <queue> [--timeout=]

The queue is a mandatory parameter, while the timeout is an optional flag that specifies the duration in seconds for which the call will wait for a job to arrive in the queue before returning (because the script can wait forever if no job come).