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Slick is a PHP 5.4+ MVC framework and tool set that aim to be simple robust and cool to work with. The goal was to create a PHP framework that could be used to develop web applications with agile methodologies like SCRUM or KANBAN in mind.

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  • Cache management
  • Easy configuration
  • Dependency Injection container
  • Session handling
  • Form building (and rendering)
  • Simple ORM that uses PDO for data access
  • Data filters and validators
  • Uses Twig for a robust template engine
  • Behavior/test driven development (with Codeception)
  • A a lot of interfaces for easy implementations of your own needs.


The best way to get started with Slick framework is using composer. We have created a template that get you with a base web application files and directory structure. To start a project using our web application template run

$ composer create-project slick/webapp <your-app-name>

If you wat to use a Slick module in your existing project just add the corespondent module name your project composer.json file. Lets have an example. Adding the slick/template Slick module to your project is as simple as adding the following line to your project’s composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "slick/template": "1.0.*@dev",

Then you need to run:

$ composer update

to be able to add the specified library to your vendor directory.



If you are having issues, please let us know.


The project is licensed under the MIT License (MIT)