Symfony Contact Bundle by SOLID-kiss

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Last update: 2024-04-20 03:49:17 UTC


This package is currently under development, more documentation and features will come soon.

The Contact bundle of SKCMS for Symfony2


Install skcms:core-bundle

launch symfony command to create message entity.

php app/console skcms:generate:entity

The base message entity already contains : date status email name subject message phone fax

in config.yml set those options

            enabled: true
                name: #name of your created message entity
                beautyName:  #name you want to see in the menu
                bundle: #bundle name (by ex : SKCMSContact )
                class: #the class name with full namespace
                form: #the class name with full namespace
                listProperties:  #those are the proerties you want to see in the contact message list of your admin panel (date and status are automaticly displayed)
                        dataName: 'email'
                        beautyName: 'E-mail'
                        type: 'string'


###The form is globally accessible in twig with the var "contactForm" in any page. To display the form you just have to write


To theme this form you just have to override the bundle and create a file named 'theme.html.twig' in Resources/views/Form The submission and persistence of the message is full automatic.

###Override form view

Just override the bundle, and create your own view in Resources\views\Form\contact-form-content.html.twig