Symfony SKCMS Core Bundle by SOLID-kiss

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dev-master 2023-04-07 08:36 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

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This package is currently under development, more documentation and features will come soon.

The Core bundle of SKCMS for Symfony2


Download dependecies via composer

use php composer.phar instead of composer on Windows

composer require FOS/user-bundle:2.0.x-dev SKCMS/core-bundle:dev-master SKCMS/front-bundle:dev-master SKCMS/tracking-bundle:dev-master SKCMS/admin-bundle dev-master

Install and quick configure SKCMS

Add this line to AppKernel.php

 new \SKCMS\CoreBundle\SKCMSCoreBundle(),

This will update and backup original versions of config.yml, security.yml,routing.yml and AppKernel.php

php app/console skcms:install


###Create SKCMS compatible entities This only works with annotation format.

php app/console skcms:generate:entity

###Create SKCMS compatible entity form type

php app/console skcms:generate:form BundleName:Entity