Small library for encryption via phpseclib

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Small library for encryption via phpseclib

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  1. Install via composer

    composer require sivin/crypt
  2. Register extension in config.neon:

    	crypt: SiViN\Crypt\DI\CryptExtension
  3. Create or use your key/s:

    /** @var Crypt */
    private $crypt;
    public function __construct(Crypt $crypt)
    	$this->crypt = $crypt;
    $keys = $this->crypt->createKeyPair()
    $privateKeyRaw = $keys['privateKeyRaw'];
    $publicKeyRaw = $keys['publicKeyRaw'];
  4. Use your own key or define it in a config.local.neon:

    //if there is a private key with a password

    or in a config.local.neon:

    	publicKeyPath: #for encrypting
    	privateKeyPath: privateKeyFile.key #for decrypting
    	privateKeyPassword: 'PrivateKeyPassword' #optional

    If you only want to encrypt/decrypt, just define the encrypting/decrypting key

  5. And finally?:

    $encryptedStr = $crypt->encryptRijndaelMessage($stringToEncode); //for transport
    $decryptedStr = $crypt->decryptRijndaelMessage($encryptedStr);
    $encryptedStr = $crypt->encryptRsa($stringToEncode);
    $decryptedStr = $crypt->decryptRsa($encryptedStr);
    $encryptedStr = $crypt->encryptRijndael($stringToEncode);
    $decryptedStr = $crypt->decryptRijndael($encryptedStr);