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The alternative Social Media application based on TYPO3, Extbase, Fluid and Bootstrap 5. All you need to run your own OSP is a web server that supports the TYPO3 CMS from version 10.4 or higher.

What is OSP?

OSP (Open Social Project) is a TYPO3 extension that can turn TYPO3 into a social network. The idea is to create an independent social network in which each user takes over the hosting himself. This ensures 100% control over your own data. With OSP you are both a user and an administrator. There is no censorship and no annoying advertisements. In addition, you can design OSP much better according to your taste and create more complex content than on other social networks.

OSP uses a template that is almost 100% based on the Bootstrap 5 framework. All components used are open source and state of the art. This allows developers and frontend designers to manipulate the system extremely easily and adapt it to their needs.

Why you should use OSP

  • Allows you to setup a decentralized social network
  • Each user (installation) has 100% control over data and privacy
  • High security through the use of TYPO3
  • More freedom and individuality in the design
  • Social media and Enterprise CMS features combined

OSP Features

  • Combination of social network and CMS
  • Various custom page layouts
  • Various custom content elements
  • Basic configuration with TypoScript constants
  • Almost 100% based on brand new Bootstrap 5
  • Configurable frontend plugin for list view of posts
  • Frontend plugin for creating posts
  • Front-end plugin for post detail view

Upcoming Features

  • Like functionality
  • Comment functionality
  • Friends API
  • External wall
  • Static page builder

For Developers

When will OSP be officially released?

A first official release of OSP is planned for late December 2020. Then the extension will be available in the official TYPO3 repository and also for Composer.

You can download and test the extension here, but at your own risk! We ask you to refrain from feature requests as we are still in the process of integrating planned features.

Questions or Issues?

If you are interested in contributing or have any other questions:
Or simply open a technical issue directly on Github:

Do you want to learn TYPO3? Here's what you need:

Video Training TYPO3 9 LTS (German language)

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