Provides a new Markup Code content element and a ViewHelper

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  • Provides a new content element of type "Markup" wich lets you create Textile Markup language code
  • Provides a handy ViewHelper to use "<f:textile.parse>" in your own extensions!
  • Based on the "Textile" Markup parser:
  • Renders shortcodes of internal links to pages!




Official documentation:

You will find the official documentation als in German and Spanish here:


Install the extension by downloading it in the extension manager or on

Basic configuration

If you want to use the Markup content element:

  • Install the extension
  • Clear caches
  • Include static TypoScript Setup
  • Include Page TS from page properties
  • Create a new content element with the content element wizard

If you want to use the ViewHelper only:

  • Install the extension
  • Clear caches
  • Insert {namespace textile=SIMONKOEHLER\Textile\ViewHelpers} on top of your fluid templates
  • Use the ViewHelper like this: <textile:parse content="{bodytext}"/>

How to insert an internal link

The shortcode function is pretty simple. You can define the page UID of your desired target page, a link title, target and CSS classes. Use the syntax below in your Markup code:

Simple usage: [link:4]
Full parameters: [link:4:Labeltext:_blank:my-css-class]

Frontend output:

<a href="/yourpageslug/" target="_blank" class="my-css-class">Labeltext</a>

How to use the ViewHelper in a Fluid template

{namespace textile=SIMONKOEHLER\Textile\ViewHelpers}
<!-- Minimal ViewHelper usage -->
<textile:parse content="{bodytext}"/>

<!-- Setting a default link text if a link has no text defined -->
<textile:parse content="{bodytext}" defaultLabel="MyLabel"/>

<!-- Disable rendering of links -->
<textile:parse content="{bodytext}" disableLinks="1"/>

Support & Service

If you have any problems with the extension, please let me know! Since this is open source, I only guarantee 100% expert support when I get paid, but I also like to support the community. Please don't hesitate to open an issue here on GitHub or send a message:

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