Silverstripe Cloud Platform CCL requirements recipe

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This recipe is meant to integrate a Silverstripe CMS project with the underlying infrastructure of Silverstripe Cloud Platform CCL (formerly Revera). It's the successor of cwp/cwp-recipe-core.

This includes the following core Silverstripe CMS modules:

  • recipe-core: Recipe containing framework, config, assets
  • cwp-core: CWP basic compatibility module
  • auditor: Provides audit trail logging for various events in the system
  • environmentcheck: Adds automated checks to monitor an environment's health status
  • hybridsessions: Hybrid cookie/database session store for SilverStripe
  • mimevalidator: Checks uploaded file content roughly matches a known MIME type for the file extension

This can be either added to an existing project or used as a project base for creating a basic Silverstripe CMS project.

Unlike other Silverstripe recipes, this recipe does not constrain Silverstripe core dependencies to a particular minor version line.


composer create-project silverstripe/recipe-ccl ./ccl-project

More information

See the recipe plugin page for instructions on how Silverstripe recipes work.