Simple embargo & expiry for Site Tree

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Based on the work by Marcus Nyeholt and Andrew Short for the Advanced Workflow module.

This module adds the ability to schedule publish and unpublish events at a certain date and time. It can be applied to different model classes, but is commonly used with SiteTree.


  • Date and time picker (through SilverStripe CMS, where browsers support it)
  • Publish "windows" by setting a publish date with a subsequent unpublish date
  • Scheduled publication through queuedjobs
  • Respects cascading publish through ownership relations
  • Expiry unpublishes the page (leaves it in "draft" mode)
  • Optionally lock editing while publication is scheduled
  • Add status flags to pages in the tree
  • Support for translations in silverstripe/fluent

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Known Limitations

  • Does not support recurring embargo or expiry schedules
  • Does not support multiple concurrent schedules for the same object
  • Does not support embargo to a particular live version
  • Does not support expiry to an earlier live version
  • Any edits to an embargoed page will be published on the date (not tied to a version)