Module allowing creation of tax rates and categories in the CMS via SiteConfig

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1.4.0 2019-09-09 17:04 UTC

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Adds ability to create and edit tax rates and categories in the CMS (via siteconfig).

This allows for flexible tax configurations (meaning that you can have tax rates for different countries, zones, etc).

You can then map these categories (or rates) to products, line items (in invoices) etc and use them in your tax calculations.


Assigning Taxes to Zones

By default this module integrates with the GeoZones module. This allows you to assign zones to TaxRate objects. You can then use TaxCategory::getValidRate() to return the most appropriate TaxRate for this category, based either on the provided locale and zone, of the system default. EG:

use SilverCommerce\TaxAdmin\Model\TaxCategory;

// Get the tax category you want
$cateogry = TaxCategory::get()->byID(1);

// Find if we have a valid rate for Gloucestershire in the UK (GB)
$tax_rate = $category->getValidTax("GB", "GLS");