Module that adds discounts (either as a code, or on a group) to SilverCommerce

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1.0.2 2020-11-24 14:22 UTC

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Simple module for tracking stock levels for SilverCommerce products


Install this module using composer:

composer require silvercommerce/stock


Once installed this module adds some more fields to a CatalogueProduct (which can be changed via a Product's "Settings" tab):

Stocked: Is this product stocked (should SilverCommerce track stock levels against it)?

StockLevel: What is the current stock level for the current product.

LowStock: What is the low stock level for this product? If the stock level gets below this level, the catalogue admin gridfield will display a notification.

AvailableOutOfStock: Can this product be purchased when out of stock?

Email Notifications

This module allows email notifications to be sent when stock levels get low, are out of stock or are understocked (less than 0).

To enable email notifications, you have to add the email addresses you want to recieve notifications to the StockController via config.yml, eg: