GridFieldAddOns is a collection of plugins for the Silverstripe GridField.

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GridFieldAddOns is a collection of plugins for the Silverstripe GridField.

Currently there are 3 components:

  • GridFieldExpandableForm GridFieldExpandableForm is a GridField component to display a form for a GridField item like GridFieldDetailForm does, but within the GridField. It expands the item in the fashion of a jQueryUI accordion effect instead of opening the form in the main part of the UI.
  • GridFieldRecordHighlighter GridFieldRecordHighlighter highlights records in a GridField.
  • GridFieldUserColumns GridFieldUserColumns gives users control over the columns of the GridField.
  • GridFieldColumnDateFormatter Allows you to re-format any dates on the GridField column provider while retaining sorting.
  • GridfieldCustomDetailForm Allows you to define custom GridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest for your DataObject via config.


SilverStripe Framework 4.0+

NOTE For SilverStripe 3 support use the 1 branch.


Instalation is done via composer: composer require i-lateral/silverstripe-GridFieldAddOns


  • Andreas Piening <piening at 3online dot de>
  • Mark Anderson
  • Morven Lewis-Everley