Allow adding a file to a product that can be downloaded by users who buy it.

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1.0.x-dev 2021-04-07 09:50 UTC

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Scrutinizer Code Quality

Adds a downloadable product type to a SilverCommerce install, that allows users to attach a file that can only be downloaded when the user has bought it.


  • SilverStripe Framework 4.0.x
  • SilverCommerce 1.0.x


Install using composer:

composer require silvercommerce/downloadable-products

Then run: dev/build/?flush=1


  1. Visit /admin on your SilverStripe site.
  2. Navigate to the "Catalogue".
  3. Add a new "Downloadable Product" and setup.
  4. Click "Settings" and attach a file.

Setting a longer Link Life

By default, all products will be available via their download link for 7 days (if the user did not create an account during the pruchase process).

If you would like to increase this length, you can change it on the product, under "Settings". Alternativley you can change this glocally using config:

        LinkLife: 14 # two weeks

NOTE: You will ned to re-save any existing products for this to take effect

Restrict the downloads folder

By default, this module adds files into a restricted folder. Any file attached to a DownloadableProduct will be moved to this folder and made unavailable to view unless the current user can edit the file they use the associated download link.

NOTE: You need to ensure SilverStripe is managing your assets folder for access restriction to work.

Changing the default download location

If you wish to change the default location downloadable products are placed, you can change the folder_name config variable, EG:

    folder_name: "mydownloadlocation"

The FileDownloadController

By default, anyone purchasing a downloadable product can be provided a download link (see below). This will send them to FileDownloadController, which will attempt to see if the user is allowed to download the file.

If the link has expired, or the user user is not allowed to download, an error will be displayed.

Add a DownloadLink to orders pannel and emails

When you have access to a product in either the orders panel or an email then you can call $DownloadLink to render the download URL into the template.

For example, if an invoice has been produced and marked as paid (and you have setup a relevent notification) you can update your email template to use the following:

<tbody><% loop $Items %>
            <% if $DownloadLink %>(<a href="$DownloadLink">Download</a>)<% end_if %>
            <% if $StockID %>($StockID)<% end_if %><br/>
        <td style="text-align: right">{$Quantity}</td>
        <td style="text-align: right">{$Price.Nice}</td>
<% end_loop %></tbody>