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Latest Version Commercial License

This package provides an easy way stop submission spam via Akismet.


  • PHP 8.2+
  • Statamic v4
  • Laravel 9+


You can install this package via composer using:

composer require silentz/akismet

The package will automatically register itself.

Migration from < 3+

Previous versions of Akismet stored the spam in a serialized file. Version 3 stores it in the same format as Statamic form submissions. The previous spam needs to be converted to the new format/naming. To do so, run two commmands:

php artisan spam:convert
php artisan spam:add-extension

Those two commands will unserialize the data and add the correct extension (.yaml) to any spam that needs it.



Set your Akismet API Key in your .env file. You can get it from:



In order to manage your spam, you'll either have to be a super user or have the manage spam permission:



Publish the config:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="akismet-config"

This will publish a file akismet.php in your config directory with the following contents:

return [

    'api_key' => env('AKISMET_API_KEY'),

    // these are the form handles you'd like to check for spam
    'forms' => [

        // the handle of your form
        'contact_us' => [

            // use `name_field` if you store both first and last name
            'name_field' => 'name',   // `name` in this case is the field in your form

            // use `first_name_field` & `last_name_field` if you store them separately
            'first_name_field' => 'first_name',
            'last_name_field' => 'last_name',

            // field in the form for email and content
            'email_field' => 'email',
            'content_field' => 'message',
        'other_form' => [],

You can also update your settings from the config page: Configuration


Create your Statamic forms as usual. When a submission is created it is checked for spam.

If it is spam, it gets put into that form's spam queue.

Spam Queues

From there you can delete it, or mark it ham (not spam). Marking it as ham it will put it back into the normal submissions and tell Akismet that it is not spam (to help with learning).

Mark as Ham

If you find a submission that is spam, you can mark it as spam. This will put it in the spam queue and tell Akismet it is spam.

Mark As Spam

Both of those can be done one at a time, or in bulk via the bulk selection.

Testing Akismet Locally

To confirm Akismet is working, use either as the email on a test submission, or viagra-test-123 as the name. Submissions with that in it will always be flagged as spam.


Run the tests with:



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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


This is commercial software. You may use the package for your sites. Each site requires it's own license.