Akismet for Laravel 10.x & 11.x

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Install this package with composer:

composer require nickurt/laravel-akismet

Copy the config files for the api

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="nickurt\Akismet\ServiceProvider" --tag="config"


The Akismet information can be set with environment values in the .env file (or directly in the config/akismet.php file)



Validation Rule

You can use a hidden-field akismet in your Form-Request to validate if the request is valid

// FormRequest ...

public function rules()
    return [
        'akismet' => [new \nickurt\Akismet\Rules\AkismetRule(
            request()->input('email'), request()->input('name')

// Manually ...

$validator = validator()->make(['akismet' => 'akismet'], ['akismet' => [new \nickurt\Akismet\Rules\AkismetRule(
    request()->input('email'), request()->input('name')

The AkismetRule requires a email and name parameter to validate the request.


You can listen to the IsSpam, ReportSpam and ReportHam events, e.g. if you want to log all the IsSpam-requests in your application

IsSpam Event

This event will be fired when the request contains spam nickurt\Akismet\Events\IsSpam

ReportSpam Event

This event will be fired when you succesfully reported spam nickurt\Akismet\Events\ReportSpam

ReportHam Event

This event will be fired when you succesfully reported ham nickurt\Akismet\Events\ReportHam

Custom Implementation

Validate Key
if( \Akismet::validateKey() ) {
    // valid
} else {
    // invalid
Set CommentAuthor Information
\Akismet::setCommentAuthor("John Doe")
    ->setCommentContent("It's me, John!")
    // etc
// or
    'comment_author' => 'John Doe',
    'comment_author_url' => '',
    'comment_content' => 'It's me, John!'
// etc
Is it Spam?
if( \Akismet::isSpam() ) {
    // yes, i'm spam!
Submit Spam (missed spam)
if( \Akismet::reportSpam() ) {
    // yes, thanks!
Submit Ham (false positives)
if( \Akismet::reportHam() ) {
    // yes, thanks!


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