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This is shlink's project website. A statically build website created with next.js.

Run it locally

In order to run this project locally, follow these steps:

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • With docker-compose:
    • Copy docker-compose.override.yml.dist to docker-compose.override.yml.
    • Run project: docker-compose up.
  • Without docker-compose:
    • Install dependencies: npm install.
    • Run project: npm run dev.
  • Open app localhost:3000.

Now you can work locally on any change in case you want to provide some improvement.

Build production site

The project can be exported to a static site fully optimized for production.

Run npm run export and you will get an out directory with the static files.

Now you can serve it with the web server of your choice.

Build docker image

As an alternative to building the static site locally, you can also build a docker image which will in turn use the static site internally and serve it using nginx.

Run docker build . -t shlink-website (or the name you want to give it) to get the docker image built.

You can also get the image from Docker hub. It is automatically built there every time the code changes or a new version is tagged.