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A Laravel Service Provider for the Elasticsearch API client

2.0.4 2017-02-14 10:12 UTC


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This is a Laravel (4+) Service Provider for the official Elasticsearch low-level client:

Version Matrix

Since there are breaking changes in Elasticsearch 1.0, your version of Elasticsearch must match the version of this library, which matches the version of the Elasticsearch low-level client. If you are using a version older than 1.0, you must install the 0.4 laravel-elasticsearch branch. Otherwise, use the 1.0 branch.

The master branch will always track the latest version.

Elasticsearch Version laravel-elasticsearch branch
>= 1.0 1.0, 2.0
<= 0.90.* 0.4

Support for v1.1.x of the Elasticsearch client has been added in v1.1 of laravel-elasticsearch. We'll try to be consistent with this convention going forward.


  1. Run composer require shift31/laravel-elasticsearch:~2.0

  2. Publish config file

Laravel 4x

$ php artisan config:publish shift31/laravel-elasticsearch 

Laravel 5x

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Shift31\LaravelElasticsearch\ElasticsearchServiceProvider" --tag=config

Manually: Create app/config/elasticsearch.php, modifying the following contents accordingly:


return array(
    'hosts' => array(
    'logPath' => 'path/to/your/elasticsearch/log',

Note: The keys of this array should be named according the parameters supported by Elasticsearch\Client.

  1. In the 'providers' array in app/config/app.php, if you are using Laravel 4.x, add 'Shift31\LaravelElasticsearch\LaravelElasticsearchServiceProvider'.

    If you are using Laravel 5.x, add 'Shift31\LaravelElasticsearch\ElasticsearchServiceProvider'. The ServiceProvider will enable the 'Es' facade for you.

  2. Use the Es facade to access any method from the Elasticsearch\Client class, for example:

$searchParams['index'] = 'your_index';
$searchParams['size'] = 50;
$searchParams['body']['query']['query_string']['query'] = 'foofield:barstring';

$result = Es::search($searchParams);

A friendly reminder: If you use the facade in a namespaced class (i.e. in a Laravel 5.x controller), you must add use Es; at the top of your file (after <?php of course), or add a backslash in front of any static calls (ex: \Es::search(...)).

Default Configuration

If you return an empty array in the config file:

'hosts' defaults to localhost:9200

'logPath' defaults to storage_path() . '/logs/elasticsearch.log'


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