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This package works as starting point for Neos CMS projects. It provides good defaults needed in many projects and can be combined with other packages to quickly setup a new website.




Shel.NeosBase:MetaMenuMixin can be added as super type to Neos.Neos:Document to mark pages to be shown with the Shel.NeosBase:MetaMenu ts object. For example in a site footer.


Shel.NeosBase:RootPage is a good starting point for a website which can have additional properties for the whole website. Change the type of your root node to this to use it.

You should add the following constraint to your document types to only allow the RootPage as site root and adapt it to your nodenames:

      'Shel.NeosBase:RootPage': false

Form elements

  • Shel.NeosBase:Honeypot is a hidden form element which catches spam bots.


  • EmbedViewHelper allows to embed file content via fluid, for example svg files.
  • FlattenViewHelper renders an two-dimensional array as simple string for sending form data via mail.
  • TagViewHelper renders a tag with defined attributes. Instead of writing something like this in your node templates <div{attributes ->f:format.raw()}> you can now write <snb:tag attributes="{attributes}" tag="div">

To use them, add the following to your fluid template:

{namespace snb=Shel\NeosBase\ViewHelpers}  

Or when you want autocompletion add instead the following to the beginning of your template:

<html xmlns="" lang="en"

Afterwards alt-click on the schema url and tell PhpStorm to fetch the schema from the external resource.

Fluid viewhelper schemas

For autocompletion you can add the viewhelper schema to PhpStorm. The schema is in the package folder at Documentation/Schema.xsd.

To rebuild the Fluid viewhelper schema for this package run this:

./flow documentation:generatexsd --phpNamespace "Shel\NeosBase\ViewHelpers" --targetFile Packages/Plugins/Shel.NeosBase/Documentation/Schema.xsd --xsdNamespace ""


  • IsEmptyValidator - for the included HoneyPot form element.

Enhanced TypoScript for page rendering

Page rendering

This package uses the alternative page rendering described in the Neos documentation. The basic prototype to extend from is Shel.NeosBase:DefaultPage. Read the Neos documentation about how to add your own page layouts.

Additional html head parts

Adds additional configurable meta tags in the page header (f.e. css, author, ie compatibility, viewport, favicon, etc...). See the prototype Shel.NeosBase:DefaultPage for details.

Additional html body parts

Also included is a configurable live reload script when you are developing your stylesheets. See Settings.yaml for the configuration.

To easily include your javascript bundle see the ts path body.javascripts.bundle.

TypoScript objects

  • Shel.NeosBase:Navigation is a menu to be used for the main site navigation
  • Shel.NeosBase:MetaMenu is a menu which renders all documents marked with the Show in meta menu property, provided by the Shel.NeosBase:MetaMenuMixin.
  • Shel.NeosBase:SiteLogo is a configurable helper to render the site logo including the link to the homepage.
  • Shel.NeosBase:LinkTag, Shel.NeosBase:ScriptTag, Shel.NeosBase:MetaTag, Shel.NeosBase:StyleSheetTag make it easier to add custom tags to document.
  • Shel.NeosBase:Debug is a fusion helper to output a fusion value to the browser console.