Easily update your .env files when deploying

v1.3.0 2023-03-31 18:04 UTC

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If you use Deployer as your deployment tool and .env files to handle environment variables (i.e. Symfony) this library is for you.

Are you still accessing your server to update environment variables manually after a deployment? We also did that and that's the main reason why we built this library.

Now we have a very specific, but simple, strategy for updating the .env files during deployment:

  • We do not share the .env.local.php, .env.local files as is the default by Deployer. Instead, we have a .env.[stage].local and .env.local.php in each release folder.

  • When deploying we copy the .env.[stage].local file from the previous release (if there was a previous release, else we create it).

  • If you are deploying interactively (i.e. manually) you are presented with a dialog asking if you want to update any environment variables.

  • Finally we run composer symfony:dump-env [stage] to generate the .env.local.php file for the current release.


composer require setono/deployer-dotenv


In your deploy.php file require the recipe:


namespace Deployer;

require_once 'recipe/setono_dotenv.php';

// ...

This will automatically hook into the default flow of Deployer.