This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the caseyamcl/phpoaipmh package instead.

Package for harvesting data from OAI-PMH repositories

v0.7.1 2016-11-27 21:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:45:31 UTC


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Note: This package is abandoned. I recommend using the caseyamcl/phpoaipmh package instead. It has an almost identical interface, great code quality and more contributors, so I see no reason to continue maintaining this package.


Simple PHP client package for fetching data from an OAI-PMH server, using the Guzzle HTTP client. The returned data is parsed by QuiteSimpleXMLElement.

On network problems, the client will retry a configurable number of times, emitting a request.error event each time, before finally throwing a ConnectionError.

Install using Composer

composer require scriptotek/oai-pmh-client


use Scriptotek\OaiPmh\Client as OaiPmhClient;

$url = '';

$client = new OaiPmhClient($url, array(
    'schema' => 'marcxchange',
    'user-agent' => 'MyTool/0.1',
    'max-retries' => 10,
    'sleep-time-on-error' => 30,

Fetching a single record

try {
    $record = $client->record('');
} catch (Scriptotek\OaiPmh\ConnectionError $e) {
    echo $e->getMsg();
} catch (Scriptotek\OaiPmh\BadRequestError $e) {
    echo 'Bad request: ' . $e->getMsg() . "\n";

echo $record->identifier . "\n";
echo $record->datestamp . "\n";
echo $record->data->asXML() . "\n";

Iterating over a record set

foreach ($client->records('') as $record) {
	echo $record->identifier . "\n";
	echo $record->datestamp . "\n";


$client->on('request.start', function($verb) {
    print "Starting " . $verb . " request\n";
$client->on('request.error', function($err) {
    print "Non-fatal error: " . $err . "\n";
$client->on('request.complete', function($verb) {
    print "Completed " . $verb . " request\n";

API documentation

API documentation can be generated using e.g. Sami, which is included in the dev requirements of composer.json.

php vendor/bin/sami.php update sami.config.php -v

You can view it at