This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the src-run/wonka-bundle package instead.

a collection of classes and interfaces aimed at facilitating Symfony bundle's, including helpers for advanced bundle configuration, kernel compiler passes, and more

0.7.1 2016-11-20 16:06 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:52:49 UTC


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Welcome! The src-run/wonka-bundle package provides the following

a collection of classes and interfaces aimed at facilitating Symfony bundle's, including helpers for advanced bundle configuration, kernel compiler passes, and more


We use a Willy Wonka-inspired naming schema for our package group names. This package is part of the wonka group, which is a collection of packages with a focus on "core reflection base classes" and related functionality.

You are welcome to research some useless details about this specific group if you have too much time on your hands.


This package represents a single project within a large collection of open-source code released under the "SR" namespace, comprised of many framework-agnostic libraries, a collection of Symfony bundles, as well as some one-off releases. This project is authored and maintained by:

Quick Start


Get the code by requiring it explicitly via the Composer CLI, or by editing your composer.json to reflect the dependency and updating your project requirements. For example, to explicitly require this project using the CLI, use the following command.

$ composer require src-run/wonka-bundle

Alternatively, to add this project to your "composer.json" file, add the following to the "require" section.

require: {
	"src-run/wonka-bundle": "dev-master"

Note: Is is not recommended to use the "dev-master" constraint. Realize that doing so could allow a release with backwards-incompatable, breaking changes to be pulled in. Instead, it is good practive to use semantic versioning and enter an explicit requirement. For example, to require version 1.0 you would use ^1.0.

To enable the bundle, register it with your Symfony application kernel by instantiating ScribeWonkaBundle within the bundle array.

// app/AppKernel.php
class AppKernel extends Kernel {
    public function registerBundles() {
        $bundles = [
            // ...
            new SR\WonkaBundle\WonkaBundle(),
        // ...


Available configuration values can be referenced by using the Symfony console command app/console (assuming the Symfony full-stack framework and bundle registration). Additionally, this bundle provides a bare console executable that can be invoked by calling the following.

bin/wonka config:dump-reference scribe_wonka


API Docs

This package's API reference is available on our documentation website (see the "Reference" row of the table found in the "Additional Links" section below). All API documentation is automatically compiled against the master branch whenever a git push event occurs.

Static API reference for specific releases is planned and will be posted once this package has matured and reached the version 1 milestone.

The API reference websites detailed above are auto-generated using a reliable and well-developed CLI tool called Sami. It is rigorously and regularly tested and is used for some large-scale projects, such as the Symfony Full-Stack Framework <see:>, as well some smaller projects, such as Twig <see:>. Refer to Sami's repository page to research usage in your own project.


Currently, there is no "human-written" documentation, outside of this README (which is itself generated from a template). Pending package stability, available man-hours, and an actual demand from external users, we may publish a Read the Docs page with official documentation, tutorials, and additional resources.



For general inquiries or to discuss a broad topic or idea, find "robfrawley" on Freenode. He is always happy to discuss language-level ideas, possible new directions for a project, emerging technologies, as well as the weather.


To report issues or request a new feature, use the project issue tracker. Include as much information as possible in any bug reports. Feel free to "ping" the topic if you don't get a response within a few days (sometimes Github notification e-mails fall through the cracks).


You created additional functionality while utilizing this package? Wonderful: send it back upstream! Don't hesitate to submit a pull request! Your imagination and the requirements outlined within our file are the only limitations.


This project is licensed under the MIT License, an FSF- and OSI-approved, GPL-compatible, permissive free software license. Review the LICENSE file distributed with this source code for additional information.

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