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ScoutNet Kalender Plugin for TYPO3

This is the official Kalender Plugin for TYPO3. If you are a scouting Group from Germany you can use our Service and manage your events on our Servers.


To install You can either use the version from the TER, or install this git repo to


For the Kalender Plugin to work, you need the sh_scoutnet_webservice extension in a Version > 4.0.

alternatively you can use composer:

composer require scoutnet/sh-scoutnet-kalender


For the Backend function to work, you have to set your SSID (the id of your Scouting Group) in the extension.

For the Frontend to work, you need to include the static file into your template. Then you can add a new content Element. There you can choose which ssids to be shown, which additional calenders to show and which kategories you want to display.

If you want to use nice looking URLs, you should include the Routes Script into your Site Configuration

  - { resource: "EXT:sh_scoutnet_kalender/Configuration/Routes/Default.yaml" }


If you want to contribute, feel free to do so. The Repo is located here:

just run make composerInstall


Needed: GnuMake, PHP, Docker and docker-compose


make init

To Run all the Tests call:

make test

you can use the -phpx suffix to indicate which php version you want to check e.g. make test-php81

for only testing a special function or php version there are different suffixes. For Example:

  • make lintTest-php81
  • make unitTest-php83
  • make unitTest Will call Unit tests with php 8.1 through php 8.3

For running only certain tests use:

  • TEST_FILE=$(pwd)/Tests/Functional/Plugins/WebringPluginTest.php EXTRA_TEST_OPTIONS='--filter testRedirect' make functionalTest-php80

Testing with PhpStorm: Setup new remote PHP interpreter. Docker-Compose:

  • compose file: Tests/Build/docker-compose.yml
  • service: functional_mariadb

Set up new Test Framework:

  • path to phpunit: bin/phpunit
  • default config: vendor/typo3/testing-framework/Resources/Core/Build/UnitTests.xml
  • add path mappings: <abs. Path to this dir> -> <abs. Path to this dir> (all paths mapped like on your host)

Set up new Run Configuration for Unit Tests:

  • Test Scope: <abs. Path to this dir>/Tests/Unit
  • Custom Working Directory: <abs. Path to this dir>/.Build/
  • Test Runner options: --coverage-filter <abs. Path to this dir>/Classes

Set up new Run Configuration for Functional Tests:

  • Test Scope: <abs. Path to this dir>/Tests/Functional
  • Custom Working Directory: <abs. Path to this dir>/.Build/
  • Use alternative configuration File: <aps. Path to this dir>/.Build/vendor/typo3/testing-framework/Resources/Core/Build/FunctionalTests.xml
  • Test Runner options: --coverage-filter <abs. Path to this dir>/Classes
  • Environment variables: typo3DatabaseUsername=root;typo3DatabasePassword=funcp;typo3DatabaseHost=mariadb10;typo3DatabaseName=func_test

Happy Testing



If you update from a Version < 3.0 please note, that the whole extension was rewritten. And is now based on Extbase. You need to resetup the frontend Plugin and all templates do not work anymore.

You can easily change the CSS with the constant editor. If you want to change the Templates, please set how to change templates with extbase. The be_user database fields are changed, so you need to update your database. And reconnect all backend accounts. But this should be done by the Backend users themself.



If you have any questions regarding this software, you can send me an email to



(c) 2020 Stefan "Mütze" Horst All rights reserved

This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

This copyright notice MUST APPEAR in all copies of the script!