This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A simple in-memory data storage

v1.0.0 2018-09-12 21:31 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-11 13:25:22 UTC


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A fast in-memory data storage in plain PHP. It can be used as a test double for a database, in order to to decouple the test cases from the database and speeding them up.


  • CRUD operations
  • Convenience methods for data selection and manipulation
  • Named items


composer require scheb/in-memory-data-storage

How to use

You can find an executable example in the doc folder.

use Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\DataRepositoryBuilder;
use Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\DataStorage\ArrayDataStorage;
use function \Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\Repository\compare;

$foo = 'I am foo';
$bar = 'I am bar';

$repositoryBuilder = new DataRepositoryBuilder();
$repository = $repositoryBuilder
//  ->setDataStorage(new ArrayDataStorage())

// Simple CRUD
$repository->containsItem($foo); // returns true
$repository->getAllItems(); // returns [$foo]

// Named items
$repository->setNamedItem('foo', $foo);
$repository->namedItemExists('foo'); // returns true
$repository->getNamedItem('foo'); // returns $foo
$repository->replaceNamedItem('foo', $bar);
$repository->getNamedItem('foo'); // returns $bar

// Advanced get
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => 'value']);
// $repository->getOneItemByCriteria(...); // The same, but only one item is retrieved

// Advanced update
    ['property' => 'value'], // Match criteria
    ['property' => 'newValue', 'otherProperty' => 42] // Property updates
// $repository->updateOneByCriteria(...); // The same, but only one item is updated

// Advanced remove
$repository->removeAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => 'value']);
// $repository->removeOneItemByCriteria(...); // The same, but only one item is removed

// Comparision functions in matching criteria
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->notNull()]);
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->lessThan(3)]);
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->between(1, 3)]);
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->isInArray([1, 2, 3])]);
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->arrayContains('arrayElement')]);
$repository->getAllItemsByCriteria(['property' => compare()->dateGreaterThan(new \DateTime('2018-01-01'))]);
// ... and many more, see Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\Comparison



Single-item (read, update, remove) operations will handle gracefully, when there is no matching item in the data store. Reads will return null, update/remove won't change anything. If you want such cases to raise an exception instead, you can configure that behavior with the builder for each type of operation.

$repository = $repositoryBuilder

Data Store

The library comes with a simple array-based storage, but you exchange the data storage engine with whatever you like, by implementing Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\DataStorage\DataStorageInterface. Then, pass an instance to the builder:

$repository = $repositoryBuilder
    ->setDataStorage(new MyCustomDataStorage())

Value Matching

Values are checked for equality with PHP's === operation. If you want it to use the less-strict == operator, you can change the behavior with the builder.

$repository = $repositoryBuilder

The library integrates scheb/comparator to check values for equality. If you need custom comparison rules, implement Scheb\Comparator\ValueComparisonStrategyInterface and pass your comparision strategy to the builder.

$repository = $repositoryBuilder
    ->addComparisonStrategy(new MyCustomValueComparisonStrategy())

You can add as many comparision strategies as you need. They'll be checked in the order they're added and will take preference over the default comparision strategy.

If you want to implement the comparision logic completely on your own, implement Scheb\InMemoryDataStorage\Matching\ValueMatcherInterface and pass an instance to the builder:

$repository = $repositoryBuilder
    ->setValueMatcher(new MyCustomValueMatcher())

Property Access

Properties are read and written with the following access strategies:

  • Array access
  • Public properties
  • Camel-case getters an setters

If none of these works on a value object, it's either using null (in case of read) or fails with an exception (in case of write).

If you want to implement the property access logic completely on your own, implement Scheb\PropertyAccess\PropertyAccessInterface and pass an instance to the builder:

$repository = $repositoryBuilder
    ->setPropertyAccess(new MyCustomPropertyAccess())


You're welcome to contribute to this library by creating a pull requests or feature request in the issues section. For pull requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • Symfony code style
  • PHP7.1 type hints for everything (including: return types, void, nullable types)
  • Please add/update test cases
  • Test methods should be named [method]_[scenario]_[expected result]

To run the test suite install the dependencies with composer install and then execute bin/phpunit.


This bundle is available under the MIT license.