This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Compares to values for equality

v1.0.0 2018-09-02 12:38 UTC

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This library compares two values for equality.

If you need to add your own rules for comparing specific values, you can extend the library with your own comparison strategies.


  • Simple equality comparison (== or ===)
  • Strategy interface for your own comparison rules


composer require scheb/comparator

How to use

$comparator = new \Scheb\Comparator\Comparator(true); // Type-sensive equal (===)
$comparator->isEqual(0, "0"); // Returns false
$comparator->isEqual(0, ""); // Returns false
$comparator->isEqual(0, 0); // Returns true
$comparator->isEqual(0, "foo"); // Returns false

$comparator = new \Scheb\Comparator\Comparator(false); // Type-insensive equal (==)
$comparator->isEqual(0, "0"); // Returns true
$comparator->isEqual(0, ""); // Returns true
$comparator->isEqual(0, 0); // Returns true
$comparator->isEqual(0, "foo"); // Returns false

How to extend

To add your own comparison strategy, implement Scheb\Comparator\ValueComparisonStrategyInterface.

Then, add an instance of that class via the constructor argument $customComparisonStrategies of Scheb\Comparator\Comparator.

Custom comparison strategies take preference over default ones.


You're welcome to contribute to this library by creating a pull requests or feature request in the issues section. For pull requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • Symfony code style
  • PHP7.1 type hints for everything (including: return types, void, nullable types)
  • Please add/update test cases
  • Test methods should be named [method]_[scenario]_[expected result]

To run the test suite install the dependencies with composer install and then execute bin/phpunit.


This bundle is available under the MIT license.