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The Laravel Framework.

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Laravel PHP Framework with Adminator as admin dash


All you need is to run these commands:

git clone
cd laradminator 
composer install                   # Install backend dependencies
sudo chmod 777 storage/ -R         # Chmod Storage
cp .env.example .env               # Update database credentials configuration
php artisan key:generate           # Generate new keys for Laravel
php artisan migrate:fresh --seed # Run migration and seed users and categories for testing
yarn install                       # or npm i to Install node dependencies
npm run production                 # To compile assets for prod


Password: 123456

All the data are reset each 30mn ;) please d'ont forget to remove this function in your app

Included Packages:

Laravel (php):

JS plugins:

Page size optimization:

  • Using Laravel Mix, all CSS and JS are in minified to one file each.
  • Laradminator leverages browser caching, using .htaccess file from html5-boilerplate
  • GZip compression is activated by default(APP_DEBUG=false => only onfile for js, and one file for css).
    • app.css: 106 KB with gzip (949 Kb without)
    • app.js : 464 KB with gzip (1.52 Mb without)

Note: If you're using Nginx check: server-configs-nginx

alt text

Create new CRUD

Creating CRUD in your application is the job you do most. Let's create Post CRUD:

  • Add new migration and model : php artisan make:model Post -m
  • Open migration file and add your columns
  • Create PostsController : php artisan make:controller PostController. fill your resource (you can use UserController with some changes) or, if you are a lazy developer like me, use a snippet and make only 2 changes
  • Duplicate resource/views/admin/users folder to posts, make changes in index.php, create.blade.php, edit.blade.php

Move Image and file ?

To move images im using a helper function based on intervention/image and variables.php you can check full example in User.php

Do you have question ?

Not hesitate, open new issue ;)