This is a template mvc web-application (powered by SlimPHP 3), that can be extended to build more complex web applications.

3.0.2 2020-09-16 20:56 UTC



This is a template web-application (powered by SlimPHP 3), that can be extended to build more complex web applications.

While it is not necessary to have expert understanding of the SlimPHP 3 framework ( in order to build web-applications with this template application framework, such understanding would help in maximizing the capabilities of this template application framework.

Features / Benefits of using the Slim MVC Framework

  • It adds the Model-View-Controller structure to your web-application. Actually, really more of Controller-View functionality with a model folder provided for housing your Model classes (leaving you with the responsibility of choosing whichever ORM / Database Access Library suits your needs or are most comfortable with)

  • Provides a skeleton folder / directory structure for your application:

|-- config/
|   |-- app-settings.php
|   |-- app-settings-dist.php
|   |-- dependencies.php
|   |-- env.php
|   |-- env-dist.php
|   |-- ini-settings.php
|   `-- routes-and-middlewares.php
|-- logs/
|-- public/
|   |-- css/
|   |-- images/
|   |-- js/
|   `-- index.php
|-- src/
|   |-- controllers/
|   |-- layout-templates/
|   |-- models/
|   `-- views/
|-- tests/
|-- tmp/
|-- vendor/
|-- .gitignore
|-- composer.json
|-- composer.lock
  • Provides some helper functions like s3MVC_UriToString(\Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface $uri), s3MVC_addQueryStrParamToUri(\Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface $uri, $param_name, $param_value), etc. in the default global namespace and a few string helper functions in the Slim3MvcTools\Functions\Str namespace

  • Provides an automatic routing scheme for mapping request urls to methods in Controller classes that are sub-classes of Slim3MvcTools\Controllers\BaseController. You don't need to define any routes for your application if you adhere to using Controllers that are compatible with the routing scheme

    • Also supports operating using only pure Slim PHP3 functionality (i.e. you can manually / explicitly define all or some of the routes (each of which may or may not make use of Controller classes as route handlers) and middle-wares for your application. You can also disable the automatic routing scheme described above if you plan to manually define all your routes. Manually / explicitly defined routes will override automatic routes with the same path definition)
  • Ships whith a BaseController class (i.e. Slim3MvcTools\Controllers\BaseController) that provides methods for authentication, generating HTTP 404, 405 and 500 response objects and methods for rendering php view and layout files using the light-weight and easily extensible Rotexsoft\FileRenderer\Renderer class

  • Provides a command-line script for creating Controller classes (that extend Slim3MvcTools\Controllers\BaseController or any of its descendants).

    • ./vendor/bin/s3mvc-create-controller on *nix-like Oses and .\vendor\bin\s3mvc-create-controller.bat on Windows
      • NOTE: ./vendor/bin/s3mvc-create-controller-wizard is the interactive version of ./vendor/bin/s3mvc-create-controller
  • Ships with a very minimal amount of composer / packagists dependencies (all of which are used by Slim3MvcTools\Controllers\BaseController) in order to allow you to include only additional dependencies that suit the specific needs of your application. Thereby reducing the possibility of having unused / unneeded dependencies in your application

  • Optionally ships with the Zurb Foundation front-end framework ( and jQuery or no front-end framework

  • Strives to adhere strictly to the PSR-7 HTTP messages and container-interop/container-interop interfaces, in order to make it easy to use different implementations of the PSR-7 request and response objects and container-interop/container-interop compliant containers


  • PHP 5.5+ (for version 1.X) or PHP 5.6+ (for version 2.X) or PHP 7.2+ (for version 3.X)
  • Pdo sqlite (3) extension for Authentication in non-production environments
  • Composer (



  • Please submit an issue or a pull request if you find any problems with this skeleton app.
  • If you are suggesting an enhancement please create an issue first so that it can be deliberated upon, before going on to submit a pull request.