The central Roketi GUI, aka the control panel to manage hosting services

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Running the Behat Tests

After installing Roketi Panel in your development environment, you need to configure the DB credentials at three different points (due to the fact how Flow and Behat work together):

  • in Configuration/Development/Settings.yaml: Set the database you as the human uses to develop and manually test the application
  • in Configuration/Development/Behat/Settings.yaml: Set the testing database (frontend-tests executed by Behat will use this Flow context)
  • in Configuration/Testing/Behat/Settings.yaml: Set the testing database (Behat will use this Flow context for it's internal "communication" to the database (e.g. cleaning up before executing tests)

Now you're ready to run the following commands from the root of the installation to prepare your local Behat stuff::

./flow behat:kickstart

After that, create a new database "roketi_testing" as the Behat tests are executed within a different Flow Context with it's own database configuration. Then execute the following command to prepare the database schema::

FLOW_CONTEXT=Development/Behat ./flow doctrine:migrate

As the basic test needs to access protected functions it needs to be able to log in to the Roketi Panel instance. For this, a user needs to be created first with the following command::

FLOW_CONTEXT=Development/Behat ./flow roketi.panel:setup:createadminuser --username john.doe --password 12345

The above mentioned steps will install the base to run any Behat test in your Roketi setup. The Roketi.Panel Package comes with it's own features that can be tested/executed with the following command::

bin/behat -c Packages/Application/Roketi.Panel/Tests/Behavior/behat.yml

Important: The default URL in the config is http://roketi-panel.test/ - if your's differs, you need to changed that in the config file.