Ridibooks CMS SDK




CMS SDK provides common resources used in RIDI CMS This library uses Apache Thrift for a RPC implementation.

Supporting Languages

For more details, see below links.

For SDK developers

To build a RPC client, you should install Apache Thrift.

# In macOS, you can install easily with homebrew.
brew install thrift

To generate thrift code, please run:

make thrift

CMS-SDK Release steps

  1. Create release/{version} branch.
  2. Update CHANGELOG.md.
  3. Update new SDK version in package.json & lib/python/setup.py.
  4. Commit & push all the changes and make a pull request.
  5. After PR, tag a new release in github. This will release a new version in Packagist.
  6. make -C lib/js release will release js module.
  7. make -C lib/python release will release python package.