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Talentstorm integration for TYPO3.

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TYPO3 Talentstrom integration

Talentstorm integration for TYPO3.


  • TYPO3 9.5


This extension adds a plugin, to list jobs from talentstorm.


  • Activate the extension via the Extensions module.
  • Include the static typo script file.
  • Adjust the value of plugin.tx_ricotalentstorm.settings.talentstorm.detailUrl to your needs.
  • Open the extension manager and enter your api key, in the extension configuration ( apiKey).


This extension uses a custom cache, to store the response of the api calls from talenstorm. Clear the system cache, if your job listing is not up to date. The cache lifetime of the job listing is set to 1 day, per default. You can change this, in the extension backend configuration, using the extension manager.

How to run the tests

To run tests, quality checks and build, execute the script Build/Scripts/runTests.sh.

The test runner script options

-s <...>
    Specifies which test suite to run
        - build: Builds the project (composer)
        - lint: Lints the php files
        - functional: functional tests
        - unit (default): PHP unit tests
        - quality: executes code quality checks (phpstan, phpcs, phpmd)
        - find-debugs: Finds usages of debug calls.

-p <7.2|7.3>
    Specifies the PHP minor version to be used
        - 7.2 (default): use PHP 7.2
        - 7.3: use PHP 7.3

-e "<phpunit options>"
    Only with -s functional|unit
    Additional options to send to phpunit (unit & functional tests).
    Starting with "--" must be added after options starting with "-".
    Example -e "-v --filter canRetrieveValueWithGP" to enable verbose output AND filter tests
    named "canRetrieveValueWithGP"

    Show this help.