Special Symfony2 Distribution

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v1.0 2015-07-11 09:00 UTC


Symfony 2 Rapid-Development-Framework with Twitter Bootstrap3, jQuery and GUI Bundle (Generator UI).


Download and install Composer. Then start the command line and navigate to your web root folder.

Type in the following command to install latest version:

php composer.phar create-project -s dev rgies/symfony [my-project-folder]

Type in the following command to install LTS V2.3 Symfony version:

php composer.phar create-project rgies/symfony [my-project-folder] "2.3.x-dev"

Start work

Finish the composer install process an setup the application configuration.

Call the web interface and create a new bundle:


!! Please note the web interface only work at localhost !!

For more informations go to agile-dev.org