Rezzza workflow

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Define workflow of an object easily.


Through Composer :

$ composer require --dev "rezzza/workflow:1.0.*@dev"

Warning, this library uses binary system, it assigns a binary mask to each state. By this way, you'll be limited in number of states.


use \Rezzza\Workflow\Graph;
use \Rezzza\Workflow\State;
use \Rezzza\Workflow\Workflow;
use \Rezzza\Workflow\Exception;

$graph = new Graph();
    ->addState('empty', new State\NextOne())                                     // can go to filled
    ->addState('filled', new State\StateCollection(array('empty', 'confirmed'))) // can go to empty or confirmed
    ->addState('confirmed', new State\NextOne())                                 // can go to pending transaction
    ->addState('pending_transaction', new State\NextAll())                       // can go to failing_transaction or success_transaction
    ->addState('failing_transaction', new State\End())
    ->addState('success_transaction', new State\End())

$cart     = new Acme\ECommerce\Path\To\Cart();
$workflow = new Workflow($graph, $cart, 'status');
$states   = $workflow->getAuthorizedStates();

try {
} catch (Exception\ConflictException e) {
    // it seems you want to add a state already setted.
} catch (Exception\WorkflowException $e) {
    // you try to set a state not authorized.


You can add a specification to each states

use Rezzza\Workflow\Specification\SpecificationInterface;

class ConfirmableSpecification implements SpecificationInterface
    public function isSatisfiedBy($object)
        return $object->hasUserAuthenticated();

$graph = new Graph();
    ->addState('confirmed', new State\NextOne(new ConfirmableSpecification()))


You can use each one of theses states:

Name Description
All all states
End no state
NextAll all states registered after current
NextOne next one state registered after current
NextUntil all next states registered until defined state
PreviousAll all states registered before current
PreviousOne previous one state registered before current
PreviousUntil all previous states registered until defined state
StateCollection states defined via a collection of id