Mail tools for Swift_Mailer.

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Add transformer to your mail before sending it.

Transformers already added:


Needs binary html2text Install: brew install html2text

This transformer will create a text/plain verion of your HTML message and add it as part.


This transformer will look at picture on your html email and add pictures in embed of mail.

Add your transformer

Add it to the config.yml

            id:         service_id
            options:    [] # some options

Your service_id should implements TransformerInterface, example:


namespace MyNamespace\Transformer;

use Rezzza\MailExtraBundle\Transformer\AbstractTransformer;
use Rezzza\MailExtraBundle\Transformer\TransformerInterface;

class MyTransfrormer extends AbstractTransformer implements TransformerInterface
     * {@inheritdoc)
    public function transform(\Swift_Mime_Message $message)
        // transform message

     * {@inheritdoc)
    public function supports(\Swift_Mime_Message $message)
        return true; // if the message is supported by this transformer ?


Activate transformers

You can activate by default a transformer by use the default key on config.

Else, on the mailer, use:

$transformerProcessor = $this->get('rezzza.transformer.processor'); // or replace by direct definition
$transformerProcessor->activate('my_transformer'); // activate
$transformerProcessor->deactivate('my_transformer'); // deactivate

Full configuration reference:

    mailer_class: Rezzza\MailExtraBundle\Mailer\Mailer
    transformers: # list of transformers
            id:         rezzza.transformer.html2text # service identifier
            default:    false # is used by default on each mail
            enabled:    true # can be disabled for tests for example.
            options:    # some options
                binary: /usr/local/bin/html2text
            id:         rezzza.transformer.picture_embed

If you have any questions or improvements, create an issue or contact us.