Task Scheduler with CRON for Symfony

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0.6.0 2020-06-03 14:27 UTC

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A task scheduler for Symfony applications using CRON jobs porting that allows you to run tasks periodically.


For this bundle to work, you must be able to define CRON jobs on your server.


Start by adding the bundle to your composer.json : composer require rewieer/taskschedulerbundle

Symfony Flex will automatically enable that bundle for you. If you are not using Flex yet, add the bundle to your AppKernel.php :

// in AppKernel::registerBundles()
$bundles = array(
    // ...
    new Rewieer\TaskSchedulerBundle\RewieerTaskSchedulerBundle(),
    // ...

You're ready to start scheduling!


First, add the following line to your CRON tabs : * * * * * php /path/to/your/project/bin/console ts:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

This will call the scheduler, which will review all scheduled tasks and dispatch accordingly. You can call a task directly by providing it's ID as a parameter to the command. Note that this ID is generated by the scheduler and is in no way related to the service itself.

The >> /dev/null 2>&1 option discards the printed results of the tasks. Removing it allows to send it by email instead. This may vary so please refer to your server's configuration.

You then need to create a task. Tasks can be any service! You just have to give it the ts.task tag and implement TaskInterface, or for simplicity extend from AbstractScheduledTask.

In Foo\Bar\Task

use Rewieer\TaskSchedulerBundle\Task\AbstractScheduledTask;
use Rewieer\TaskSchedulerBundle\Task\Schedule;

class Task extends AbstractScheduledTask {
  protected function initialize(Schedule $schedule) {
      ->everyMinutes(5); // Perform the task every 5 minutes

  public function run() {
    // Do suff

Your task is now scheduled and will be called every 5 minutes.

You're good to go! You can now check your logs to see if this is working.